VELCRO® Brand Flame Retardent Sew On Tapes

OPAS are pleased to have been appointed as an authorised UK distributor for true VELCRO® brand products.

From raw materials to finished goods, VELCRO® brand is the name that manufacturers and customers trust for reliability and innovation.

Used extensively by MOD and CAA contractors, these flame retardent treated sew-on Velcro® Brand woven hook and loop tapes consist of minute flexible hooks or mushrooms, which engage with a mating woven, knitted or nonwoven loop tape comprised of small soft loops or yarns. 

Technical Note:  Woven VELCRO® Brand tapes have a binder coat which helps prevent fraying of the tapes when cut. Due to this coating, many commercially available adhesives will not readily adhere to the back of woven tape, so if you intend to glue the tape you should consider the use of a VELCRO® Brand pre-coated peel and stick products also available through OPAS.

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.


VELCRO® Brand Products 15% Discount

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