Rivets and Washers

Traditional tubular rivets (comprising cap and stem) are an economical and practical permanent fastening option when working with leather, PVC, canvas and other textiles. OPAS offer a huge range of sizes and finishes that are ideal for setting both by hammer tool or by one of our larger foot or bench presses.

Please note that OPAS operates a wholesale minimum order requirement of £25 goods value plus carriage and packing and VAT.

OPAS Reference Number: NoBS641-8

Copper hose rivet and friction washer with 9mm head x 14mm overall length x 3mm diameter post.

OPAS Reference Number: NoJR&C001

Jeans rivet and cap in gunmetal steel finish with 9mm head x 8mm overall length and 9mm diameter cap.

OPAS Reference Number: NoV210080

Grey plastic washers 17mm diameter with 3mm hole.